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Create doors and windows brand with ingenuity and quality

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Nandun · Product advantages

Make good use of technology to produce good products

  • strong strong

    Strong anti-theft

  • safe safe

    Non toxic and harmless

  • Mute Mute

    sound insulation

  • heat insulation heat insulation

    Thermal insulation

  • seal up seal up

    Sealing and waterproof

  • Multicavity structure

    Multicavity structure

    Multi pass seal and full lap seal design

    Design of internal and external multiple seals

    The design of internal and external multi-channel sealing and full lap sealing, multi-channel sealing, automobile grade composite adhesive tape, strong air tightness, water tightness and anti-aging.
  • Pin glue injection process

    Pin glue injection process

    Improve impact performance and splicing stability

    Anti impact, more stable

    Solve the problem of uneven angle misalignment and leakage in one step, and improve the impact performance and splicing stability.
  • Thickened middle rib

    Thickened middle rib

    Front width of thickened middle rib

    Front width of thickened middle rib

    The larger the front width is, the stronger the positive pressure of positive wind on the profile is, and the thicker the side thickness is, the stronger the wind pressure resistance of the overall window is.
  • Concealed drainage

    Concealed drainage

    Solve the problem of air whistle at drainage outlet

    Solve the problem of air whistle at drainage outlet

    Do not damage the aluminum surface; There is no need to install the drain cover, achieving the internal and external flush effect, and solving the problem of whistling at the drain outlet.
  • Nandun · Strength display

    Large production scale and strong strength

  • Enterprise

    Years of industry experience


  • Quality

    Strictly control quality


  • Production

    Large production base


  • Service

    Full service, saving money


    • Years of industry experience


      Production experience


      success cases

      Years of industry experience

      With 10 years of technical strength and innovation ability, and experienced technicians constantly optimize technology

      900+successful cases have been recognized by many customers, and the products are reliable and reassuring

    • Strict quality control and standardized production


      Professional technicians


      Production standard

      Strict quality control and standardized production

      Strict material selection standards, more than 10 production standards, and a technical team of more than 60 people.

      It has production systems such as mold design, casting, extrusion, oxidation color, electrophoresis, spraying, etc.

    • Large production base


      Large production base


      Storage capacity

      Large production base

      It has a large production base with a scale of 10000 square meters and stores more than 3000 tons of profiles.

      It has multiple production lines, with an annual production of tens of thousands of tons, fast shipping speed and on-time delivery.

    • Whole process follow-up service


      Online Service


      solve the problem

      Whole process follow-up service

      With a perfect after-sales service team, 24-hour online customer service, quickly solve problems.

      Provide comprehensive pre-sales, sales and after-sales services to provide you with exclusive services.

    About Nandun

    Professional door and window manufacturers

    Nandun Door&Window Co., Ltd. is located in the third phase of Fengchi Decorative Materials Market, Dali Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City. It is mainly engaged in R&D and sales of door and window system profiles and supporting hardware. As the developed products continue to mature and the sales volume continues to increase…

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  • Extrusion workshop

    Extrusion workshop

  • Paint shop

    Paint shop

  • Finished product workshop

    Finished product workshop

  • Extrusion workshop

    Extrusion workshop

  • Nandun · Engineering case

    900+customer cooperation cases

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    Address: No. 22, Block B, Phase III, Fengchi Material Market, Dali Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City

    Factory address: Chendong Industrial Zone, Shizhong Village, Shishan Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City

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